If you avoid these common pitfalls, you’ll be ready for a successful and long career in real estate. When it comes to having a backup plan, if you have one for everything that can go wrong, you can’t help but accomplish your goals. You should approach your real estate sales career with the same go […]

By Lisa Gordon | Jan 23, 2017   Buying a house in 2017 will feel kind of like you’ve jumped onto the subway just as the doors were closing. Your heart’s pounding and you’re winded from the race, but you made it—just in time. OK, so maybe that’s a little exaggerated. But here’s the thing: Interest rates have begun […]

By Jamie Wiebe Purchasing a new home takes some serious prep work—from cleaning up your credit score to amassing a down payment. But, hey, we’re just getting started! You also need a comrade in arms: a close ally to help steer you toward homes you’ll love more than life itself, find the best possible mortgage, […]

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