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  • Do you set high performance standards for yourself and those around you?
  • Do you enjoy working with people, meeting new people, and inspiring others?
  • Do you consider yourself a creative, enthusiastic, or visionary leader in your field?
  • Do you believe that one-on-one coaching can help you achieve your sales goals faster?
  • Do you beleive that consistent training and the proper application of marketing tools could increase your sales?
  • Are you ready to close more deals than ever before and generate a high volume of sales?
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“If you are struggling, join Provident Legacy. Surround yourself with a team of people that are actually going to help you get results.”


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since July 2014

“I left a company that was not working for me and came to one that embraced me, taught me, and coached me. I closed my first sale within a month!”


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since March 2012

“The reason why I joined Provident Legacy was because I knew this place was going to be about synergy. I’m growing every single day along with my team.”


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since June 2015

“This year I made more money than I did in the last five years combined, with little to no real estate experience. I was a full-time student and I did not have a car. If I can do it, I am sure you can too. “


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since April 2014

“I love making people happy, it’s my passion in life. And working at Provident Legacy allows me to do that every single day. I know you’ll be happier here.”


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since Sept 2014

“What impressed me the most about this office is the time they take to invest in each of their agents…Provident Legacy will absolutely propel your business forward.”


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since July 2013

“My favorite thing about Provident Legacy is how much time it frees up for me.Our internal marketing team takes the responsibility of listing the property, receiving calls for that property, and even prequalifying those clients, so all I have to do is show the listing and close deals! ”


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since Nov 2012

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to coach our top producers today. They came to me with little or no sales experience and because of our coaching program, today they can boast in closing hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions of dollars in transactions!”


Provident Legacy

Sales Associate since April 2013

“Since the first day I walked through the door there’s been nothing but continuous support and resources for me to grow as an agent, and as an investor. ”


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since Feb 2012 

We Know Exactly What It Takes To Transform An Average
Agent Into A Top Producer

Provident Legacy offers a variety of benefits and perks to the agents, including world class marketing and administrative support so that the agents can focus more on client needs.”


Co-Founded Provident Legacy in Janaury 2012


Provident Legacy provides an atmosphere which allows for one-on-one undivided and personalized attention that makes it easy to grow within the company. At Provident Legacy, you will get the flexibility, training, coaching, and support you need.


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since June 2013


Provident Legacy provides world class service, and world class service is my middle name. I love to do everything in my power to help my clients find their dream home– Provident Legacy helps me do just that.


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since November 2012


“I choose to be a part of Provident Legacy because of the company’s integrity, work ethic, and its family atmosphere. I really wanted to find a real estate family and I found Provident Legacy.”


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since August 2014


Provident Legacy offers a support system that makes a challenging job a rewardable experience by helping you grow. It is always a pleasure to work with Provident Legacy.


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since Sept 2012


Provident Legacy is unlike other real estate companies – the company is very family oriented. Provident Legacy provides marketing tools to help you succeed as a real estate agent.


Provident Legacy Sales Associate since Oct 2012

Apply for an interview TODAY

No desk fees & no corporate fees

The Provident Legacy System

Structured Coaching– How many more deals per month do you think you could close if you had a personal coach holding you accountable? Our coaches are trained to cultivate high performing sales associates. Our weekly coaching sessions are designed to challenge your activity against your sales goals, make you an assertive negotiator, a confident leader and a high volume closer.

Intensive Training – If you were to acquire and sharpen all the proper sales skills, how many more appointments do you think you can close as a result? We’ve created an insane and proven-to work training program that has transformed average agents into unstoppable top-performing agents. You can be one too, just start attending our live weekly training sessions.

Innovative Marketing– How many hours per week would you save if you had someone perform all of your daily marketing tasks? Would you close more deals as a result or spend more time with your family? Our average agent would NOT have to spend 10-14 hours per week on marketing alone! We do it for you!  In addition to marketing support, we provide you with a world-class, personalized website with a real estate search engine pulling the most accurate data directly from the Multiple Listing Service. This is like no other agent website and we pay the bill for it every month. The phones do not stop ringing at Provident Legacy.

Administrative Support– If you had someone pre-qualify all of your leads and schedule your appointments on your personal calendar, how much more productive could you be? How many more contracts and leases can you squeeze into your schedule? Think about that.

We have a pre-qualifying specialist who qualifies all incoming leads and schedules your daily appointments, so you can focus on what you do best: closing deals!

Synergistic Environment– If you were to show up to work in a vibrant setting, surrounded by agents that are energetic and passionate about their calling, how many more numbers would you dial that day? How would you feel about yourself?

We boast on the fact that we maintain an environment that fosters inclusiveness, diversity, high energy, and positive attitudes. Anything other than that is unacceptable!

“What sums up Provident Legacy are not just those five amazing benefits; it’s our five unshakeable core values. These values serve as our moral compass; Integrity of Character, Leadership and Accountability, Diversity & Inclusion, Empowerment and Performance, and World Class Delivery.”

Issa Musharbash
President & CEO; Broker of Record

Apply for an interview TODAY

You don’t have to do all the work or hire someone to do it for you… Just trust the Provident Legacy System.

The first step is filling out the Apply Today form with your information. A Provident Legacy representative will then contact you via email or phone. You will be asked a set of questions related to your experience and business goals. If you are chosen, you will be asked to come in for an interview to meet with Issa Musharbash, the CEO of Provident Legacy
Your weekly coaching sessions are scheduled at the office at 177 Broadway, Bayonne , NJ. Weekly sessions focus on professional developent, sales training, public speaking, time-managment, revenue generating strategies, and prospecting coaching. Every week, we will discuss a different topic focused on helping you grow your business and generate more revenue. You won't pay a dime for these training program because our commitment is fully vested in your growth as a Provident Legacy Agent. All the training programs and resources are offered at no charge to our agents.
Integrity of Character- Before our gifts and abilities, we uphold first our character. Our character is the most important part of doing business. We believe that our gifts and abilities can only take us as far as our character can sustain us. Leadership and Accountability- We lead by example and keep ourselves held accountable. We believe that accountability is one of the greatest nutrients for healthy growth in leadership. We strive to lead our associates and clients with an excellent blend of professional will and personal humility. Diversity & Inclusion- We value our differences and make certain each associate has a seat at the table; ensuring diversity and inclusion in the opportunities we seize. Empowerment and Performance- We believe in the tremendous power that is within our associates. We are diligently striving to see our associates pull from within to deliver breakthrough results for our clients. World Class Delivery- Service is the heart of everything we do. We aspire to serve our clients with the highest level of care possible; and when we get there, we’ll push the bar higher
Watch our COO talk about coaching and accountability and learn all about it!


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